Over the last nearly 20 yrs I have I seen so many changes.

The Waves however are still the same but now if you want to surf uncrowded waves then you have found the right Surf Tour company. We can still get uncrowded waves. Picking you up at 6-ish am on our Sunrise tours give us an advantage and our Surf guides and I will know where to score the night before taking you to the best spot while most others are sleeping or having their 8 am breakfast buffets and then loading up there 15 to 20 guests with the boards and then stuck in rush hour traffic jams for hours just to get to the surf.

We are not a surf camp or corporate company!! In fact we try are best to avoid them as they are mostly a crowd of Beginners and flounder around the lineup. Getting pushed into waves is not the way for us!! We Only take a small group each morning on our Sunrise Tour (4 max) in our 2014 AC APV Surf Van in first class and our goal is to beat the others and Bali’s traffic Jams to score the surf breaks before they are waking up.

However if you really want to avoid all of this then we also have our Daily Speed boat tours around all of Bali’s best breaks in minutes not hours. No traffic jams, no crowds and no hiking up and down the cliffs and caves or long paddles out to the waves. So you can save your time and energy for surfing. No duck diving or tip toeing over the coral reefs.

We rock up to each spot in style and ease having you in the lineup and not even getting your hair wet. Ha ha




Now you can too!

Now you can enjoy Bali’s best surf breaks and beautiful coastline in style, without the annoying crowds or the insane traffic jams and pollution. Forget about walking out over razor sharp coral reefs or paddling through the sets. Save your time and energy for surfing, not duck diving. Why drive all over Bali, when you can jump in our new 30 foot twin engine boat and launch yourself straight into the best lineup in minutes, not hours!

We know where to go!

Most of Bali’s best breaks can be found on either the East or West coasts. The East coast breaks are most consistent between November and April, while the West coast offers the best conditions from May to October. Depending on swell size and wind we can go to either coast. Nusa Dua, Sri Lanka, Hyatt Reef, Tanjung Sari, Sanur Reef, Padang Galak, Lebih, Keramas and Padang Bai are all on the East coast, where as the offshore Kuta reefs, Balangan, Dreamland, Bingin, Impossibles, Padang Padang, Uluwatu, Temples, secrets and Green Ball are located on the South-West. As a bonus, both coasts are home to several inaccessible ‘secret’ spots and some of Bali’s premiere hard to access outer reefs. From our point of departure, we can have you jumping into the lineup at any of these breaks within 30 minutes. Not only is this totally impossible to do by car or bike, it’s way more fun by boat! Make the most of your experience and fill up our ice box with food and drinks. The boat also has plenty of shade and it’s own toilet, making your epic day out comfortable, efficient and fun…

We don’t mess around!

The boat comfortably takes 12 people, but trips are limited to 8 surfers per day leaving space for 4 non-surfers to share the experience.